Resources & Medical Views on NFB

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What the medical and scientific community say: about Neurofeedback

We are convinced that Neurofeedback is  the most promising alternative therapy regimen in existence today

Joseph Kandel, MD and David Sudderth, MD

The unparalleled abilities of the human mind arise not from neurons but from the coherence of brain waves.”

Scientific American Mind—(June/July Issue, 2006)

When using Neurofeedback procedures with epileptic seizures, 82% of patients demonstrated seizure reductions.”

Dr. Barry Sterman, Department of Neurobiology and Behavioral psychiatry, School of medicine, UCLA medical Center

Loss of memory, inability to recall, and confusion, are classic signs of problems with slow brainwaves. The Neurofeedback “Brain Brightening” process of reducing slow waves enhances cognitive processing

Dr. Jacques Duff in Clinical EEG and Neuroscience

Medical Views On NFB

Medical Views On NFB

Four Most Dangerous Toxins to the Brain

Four Most Dangerous Toxins to the Brain