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Before any training can begin, a brain map is required to assess the state of the brain waves & activity. This is done by the RAW EEG assessments done by Dr Rivi Sela from BetterFly Technology. She is a leading professional in the field of raw EEG assessments and a Neurofeedback practitioner in Israel. We also provide a qEEG  (Quantitative Electroencephalogram)  assessment with Brainmaster technology. A qEEG brain map helps identify where the brain has specific problems & determines training & intervention..It provides a guide to where to train. The frequency of the brain waves or how much neuronal firing is taking place can indicate problems including focus, sleep, emotional stability or behavior.

CLINICAL or HOME THERAPY (BetterFly Technology) :

This technology provides trainees with the option of doing their training with a technician in the office or to do their training at home, at their convenience.


With this method, trainees can watch any Youtube movie or infotainment while the brain receives training as it processes & responds to the visual and auditory feedback. The brain undergoes a full workout for 40 minutes. During this time, the brain naturally tries to overcome the lacks and lapses in the visual and auditory feedback with the fading images and sound.


By using the web-based CLOUD technology, the trainee at home is connected to the technician by remote service. This way, the technician is able to view and monitor the home training sessions, to see how training was implemented as well as check on the results

4-Channel Z-Score Training (BrainMaster Technology)

Training with this method works with four sites, using an auditory feedback. Training time is about 20 minutes, with rest and workout equally interspaced. The technician puts the sensors according to the recommended training protocols & the criteria according to the normative data base set to the age of the trainee.

19 Channel Z Score Training 

 (BrainMaster Technology)

Clients use the electro-cap and the whole brain is being treated with the 19 channel Live Z scores. QEEG metrics for absolute and relative power ratios, asymmetry, coherence, phase are being treated. This powerful method is very important for brain connectivity and communication between different parts of the brain.